Leroy Merlin

отзывы ИнфотелLeroy Merlin helps people around the world create better living conditions

Leroy Merlin is an international retailer known and recognized all over the world. 
They specialize in the sale of goods for the construction, renovation and home improvement. 
Leroy Merlin is part of ADEO, an international holding group that brings together 35 autonomous companies in 12 countries in Asia, Europe and South America. This network is constantly growing. 
Today ADEO is # 1 in Europe and # 3 globally in terms of sales, representing 13 brands in the DIY sector in five professional categories:

These brands differ in format and concept, but they share common values ​​and a single goal - to offer each client the best home improvement solutions that meet their real needs.

Official website: https://www.leroymerlin.ua/

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