Инфотел отзывы клиентовVolvo Personvagnar AB, known in the world market as Volvo Car Corporation or Volvo Cars, is a Swedish car manufacturer, manufacturer of Volvo cars. Previously, Volvo Personvagnar was part of the Volvo concern. The company has been owned by Ford since 1999 and has been owned by Geely Automobile since 2010. 
In 2015, 503,127 new Volvo cars were sold worldwide (an increase of 8.0% over since 2014). Volvo Cars crossed the 0.5 million mark for the first time in its history. The largest markets are China (over 81 thousand cars sold), Sweden (over 71 thousand), USA (over 70 thousand), Great Britain, Germany. The best-selling model in 2015 is the Volvo XC60 (159,617 vehicles sold). 
Volvo Personvagnar is controlled by the Chinese car manufacturer Zhejiang Geely Automobile. Chairman of the Board of Directors - Li Shufu. President and CEO - Håkan Samuelsson. 
Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Implemented projects:

Auto show VOLVO Trucks Ukraine

A project was implemented to encourage a corporate telephone call for a car dealership near Kiev metro station, vul. Kiltseva road 20/1-A

The solution was implemented on the Platan Libra communication system, using Gigaset pro DECT base stations to solve the issue of mobility of car dealership employees.

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