Network "Furshet" in Georgia (Furshet Georgia)

About the company

"Furshet" is a Ukrainian company that owns a chain of stores of the same name.

It became the first chain in Ukraine. The first store of the chain opened in December 1998 in Kiev in Podol district and soon the retailer became one of the largest in the country.

Already in 2013, the Furshet chain had 117 stores, including 107 stores in all regions of Ukraine, including 7 Gourmet-Furshet supermarkets and 1 Narodny mini-hypermarket, as well as 10 stores in the Republic of Moldova.

The shareholders of Furshet CJSC are individuals, the British company Anthousa Limited, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Eurovenchurs Investment Fund.

In 2021, another Ukrainian trading network "Silpo" purchasedt 25 "Furshet" stores.



1. Structured Cabling System (SCS) - implemented by AMP NETCONNECT passive equipment.

AMP NETCONNECT is one of the world's largest manufacturers of passive equipment for local area networks: structured cabling systems and their components.

AMP NETCONNECT brand SCS contains a full range of copper and fiber-optic components and tools for their installation. These are cables for various purposes, connectors and telecommunication sockets, switching panels and cords, mounting cabinets and racks, consumables, etc.

2. Universal Security Center – ZYWALL 300

ZyWALL USG 300 is a new generation high–speed access gateway that allows you to fully solve a set of network security tasks in one device with a simple and intuitive interface, including functional configurable protection against viruses and spam, bandwidth management for various network objects, application traffic control, intrusion prevention and virtual private networks.

The device has an intuitive user interface with a cross-navigation system, a built-in directory and graphical status monitoring. The object-oriented management model allows you to optimize the configuration as much as possible, even in complex networks. Built-in LDAP/MS AD/RADIUS support helps to structure security policies based on an existing network organization methodology. The Application Patrol tool allows you to effectively manage the network activity of such applications as clients of peer-to-peer networks, IM, VoIP, streaming broadcasts and others.

The device has seven configurable WAN/LAN/DMZ ports, multiple Internet access redundancy and load balancing are implemented. Redundancy of connection to the provider is supported using PCMCIA/USB modems 2.5/3G, it is possible to control the device via a console modem over a dial-up line.

Thanks to the support of routed (L2TP/IPSEC VPN) and peer-to-peer (SSL VPN) virtual private networks, the ZyWALL USG 200 can also be used as a VPN hub to combine geographically distributed objects into a single network or create mobile remote workplaces.

3. Aruba Network equipment and WiFi

Zyxell - a global brand in the field of switching equipment, ZyXEL offers a wide range of modern devices to ensure the operation of wired and wireless networks. The professional range of ZyXEL switches include models with gigabit bandwidth, traffic piritization and administration, web-based management capabilities, SNMP, command line, static and dynamic routing.

The range of devices for building Wi-Fi networks includes high-speed and noise-proof access points, hot spots with built-in billing, controllers for organizing a wireless network with guest access. All these solutions make it possible to deploy a fast and stable corporate network of the enterprise, to provide high-quality Wi-Fi services to its customers (hotels, restaurants, stadiums, campuses).

4.Uninterruptible power supplies-Eaton

Eaton is a worldclass company developing energy management solutions. Eaton UPS is a reliable and high-performance uninterruptible power supply, presented in a wide range of capacities.

5. Server hardware – DELL PowerEdge

DELL enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a manufacturer of servers with high performance and reliability.PowerEdge servers are easy to maintain, they have a high margin of fault tolerance and an optimal price/quality ratio.

Dell PowerEdge performance is provided by the use of:

Increased reliability is achieved by using advanced modern production technologies and materials

6. Edizon Generator

EDIZON generators (manufactured by Europower, Belgium) - this is the optimal solution for providing backup or main power supply to any facility in any geographical area.

7. Software - Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky is a reliable protection against hackers, viruses and malware, with which you will feel completely safe. Tools to protect online payments and personal data will protect your devices from any threats of the digital world.


InfoTel-Georgia, as part of the technical task of the project, implemented the introduction of a SCS, a universal security center, antivirus software, the introduction of network equipment and the construction of Wi-Fi networks, the introduction of a system of warranty and uninterruptible power supply.


eatonDelleuropowergeneratorsamp netconnecteuropowergenerators

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