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Dell Technologies Dell is an American company founded in 1984 and headquartered in Austin, Texas. One of the world's leading leaders in the design and manufacture of computer systems. Dell manufactures servers, storage systems, workstations, networking equipment, personal computers, laptops and PDAs, printers, multifunctional devices, monitors, projectors, televisions.


Dell's story began with two technology companies and one common vision - to bring greater access to technology to people around the world. Dell Technologies is playing an important role in transforming the digital landscape around the world, driven by the drive to advance human progress through technology.


World record deal history

Dell Technologies' goal is to promote human progress by providing greater access to the best technology for people with big ideas around the world.

Inspirators of industry giants

This journey began over a generation ago in the University of Texas dorm room of Dell founder Michael Dell. He believed he could provide customers with more powerful technology at a better price by rethinking how computers were manufactured and delivered. 
Around the same time, Richard Egan and Roger Marino founded EMC; Compatible memory cards with higher reliability are shipped first, followed by storage solutions that scale to the enterprise level.

Leading the technological revolution

These travels completely changed the way the world got, created and sold technology. 
For Dell, she sold technology directly to people, not through retail outlets. For EMC, it was Symmetrix, the storage solution that changed the way data centers operate in large enterprises. And by the new millennium, both Dell and EMC have become market leaders.

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